Serene Team is a real estate team of the future. Created by Kyle Draper, a Director of Keller Williams DTLA’s Entertainment Division, Serene Team is in the business of developing meaningful lasting relationships with our clients and adding value to their lives whenever and wherever possible. Leveraging Kyle’s expertise in social media marketing (B.A. from UCLA in Mass Communications), Serene Team succeeds by employing progressive marketing methods such as using targeted Facebook ads narrowcasted to the specific types of individuals Serene Team and our sellers believe are most likely to be interested in the home. Technology and social media have evolved to the point where real estate marketing must be delivered to the right audience in an efficient and engaging manner—anything short of this is outdated and spam.

Chris and Aly Olson
Brandon Ikeda
Ryan Bishara

Serene Team’s mission is to make real estate transactions as smooth and calm of a process for our clients as possible. We go to great lengths to understand our clients’ goals and needs before we provide any input. Everyone’s situation is unique, so we take the time to ask questions and listen to make sure that we can cater our expertise and services to clients’ objectives. We’ve found that constant communication with the clients is the best way to insure the process is calm and peaceful for them. Our clients always know what’s going on and receive regular updates even in the instances when there isn’t much to update them on (email us asking for sample email correspondence to see how thorough we are!).

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