Adam and Megan Vossler

My wife and I recently purchased a home in Pasadena, CA. Within a month, we put an offer and closed on a house, got married, and I changed jobs. Though I don’t recommend making three significant life changes all at once, I do recommend hiring Kyle as your realtor.

Kyle is the zen master of real estate. He may be young, but he’s got an old soul. In every interaction we had with Kyle, he was professional, composed, thoughtful, empathetic, and most importantly, he was always on our side. He was never pushy or salesy. He simply wanted us to be happy, whether we bought a house or not.

We viewed enough houses to make any real estate agent want to pull his hair out, but Kyle kept his hair intact. He’s a very patient guy. And, he knows his stuff. He’s comfortable negotiating. He’s strategic. He fought when we needed to fight and he made alliances when we needed friends. He kept us top of mind at all times.

Speaking on behalf of first time home buyers, most of the stress is derived from fear of the unknown, and the second guessing of whether you’re making a right decision. No one has a crystal ball in real estate, but you can take action to minimize the anxiety of buying a home, bringing clarity and confidence to your purchase. Hire the zen master. Give Kyle a call and discuss if buying a home is the right move for you.