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Kira Mastseller, Estate Planning and Trust Administration Attorney – Sherman Oaks

I recently used Kyle and Corrine Draper to sell a home where I was acting as trustee. My client passed away, and I had to sell residential property in Sherman Oaks. They advised me on how to get the home ready to sell—coaching me on where I should spend my time and money to give the property the best chance at selling for a great price in a short amount of time. They were there Saturdays, Sundays, afternoons, mornings, meeting people, helping to clean up and in general making the sale of the property far easier for me—I couldn’t have done it without their assistance. This process was particularly challenging because my client’s house was still full of belongings, and he had done work on his property that affected his neighbor’s property, so not only did we have a challenge of clearing the house, dealing with family members, and getting the home ready to sell, but we also had to deal with correcting the issue of an invasion on another neighbor’s property. Kyle and Corrine smoothly navigated us through this property line issue while preserving good rapport with the buyer. I would definitely use the Kyle and Corrine again to buy or sell property.